Meet the Family

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The Macs

Tammy & Dan

married 26 years
Dan was a chemist, went back to law school, and now works with patents. He is a true renaissance man, and excels at cooking, drawing, coffee drinking, and making just about anything out of PVC pipe and duct tape. Also, Post-It Notes.


22, now a Lindy

Tavaris (Tav)

16, adopted at 2
Loves dancing, music, reading, science, Frisbee golf, church youth group, and engineering.


15, adopted at 2
Loves makeup, clothes, talking with friends, and volleyball.


Loves Legos, flag football, swimming, playing sports, Mythbusters, and being a tomboy.


9, adopted at birth
Loves reading, Legos,  soccer, Minecraft, Frisbee golf, and Angry Birds.

No longer living at home:
Alison – 18, adopted at 5
Julia – 14, adopted at 18 months

The Lindys

Sean & Hannah

married June, 2012
Sean is going to school to be an electrician. He loves spending time with his wife and son. When they fall asleep at 8pm most week nights, Sean likes to play video games, go Frisbee golfing, grab a beer with friends, or see what’s new on the interwebz.


One very active, very talkative little boy! Loves books, wrestling, running, jumping, climbing, asking questions, Legos, being outside, board games, building things (like his own Angry Birds game), and preschool.