January Twitterature: Book Reviews in 140 Characters or Less


Linking up with Anne (with an e!) of Modern Mrs. Darcy for the very first Twitterature Link Up. You can read all about the link up here.

I know we’re supposed to keep it to 140 characters or less, but that is just way too hard. So, here are my books of 2013 (so far) in 140 words or less! [Read more…]

How I stopped being a hipster & finally gave e-books a chance: Part I


Lately, it seems like everyone has been writing about what books they read in 2012, what they want to read for 2013, and all sorts of other wonderfully bookish topics. I love it!

I’ve been a bookworm since I learned to read, and haven’t stopped since. When I was younger, maybe around 3rd or 4th grade, we used to make trips to the library almost every Saturday. Those trips weren’t nearly frequent enough for me, and I would spend hours making lists of all the books I wanted to check out. I would also pour over the huge city street map we had, planning the best route from our house to the library – on my bike, of course. Although I never had the chance to ride my bike to the library when I was younger (my parents thought a five mile bike ride, which included crossing a highway and two other very busy intersections, wasn’t the best idea for a girl of ten – how terribly unreasonable! ūüėČ ), my love for the library, and all things involving books, was kindled.

Over the years, my life changed drastically, full of ups and downs, but there were always books to come back to. Books to read secretly under my desk during class when I thought I already knew everything the teacher was going to teach. Books to hide under my pillow, pretending to be asleep when my parents checked in on me at 9, only to pull out my book light and stay up for hours reading as soon as they had shut my door. It wasn’t just the stories, although that certainly is the main reason for my book love, but the books themselves were something I held dear. There’s just something so perfectly beautiful about opening a book, maybe well worn with age, maybe so new the pages still stick together. To this day, I am unable to pass by a garage sale without stopping to at least look at the books they might have.

You can imagine my dismay and hostility with the advent of the e-books. There was no way an e-reader, or a Kindle, or a Nook, or¬†what have you,¬†would ever sway my love for a real paper and ink book. No¬†sirree¬† No e-books for me! I’d rather have a beautifully bound book. Preferably something old, (a first edition? my heart flutters at the thought!)¬†with lots of character, and signs of wear from being read and re-read. I may have been a bit of a hipster about it, actually. I liked books before they were electronic.¬† [Read more…]