Celebrating Saint Thomas Aquinas

Just as it is better to illuminate than merely to shine, so to pass on what one has contemplated is better than merely to contemplate.

– Saint Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas



God has granted us so many gifts, yet the one gift that is oft forgotten is the gift of the Communion of Saints. This wonderful group of saints is just like us – funny, quirky, and even cranky. They made mistakes like us and had plenty of trials and tribulations. They have walked the road before and are our cheerleaders, cheering us on to cross the finish line into heaven to join them.  Celebrating life each day with the saints is celebrating life with the family God gave us; perfect patrons for every occasion and every vocation. We will never be lonely or lost with the help of our intercessors!

In our family, we turn to the saints on many occasions for help, guidance, or just a friend to cry with.  Of course, Jesus is there too, but one true and good friend never detracts from another.  Oh, you good saints of God, thank you for your help!

Today, January 28th, we celebrate the feast day of Saint Thomas Aquinas.  This Angelic Doctor of the Church was a powerhouse of wisdom and learning. Our family is a big fan of St. Thomas, the “dumb ox that will who has filled the world with his bellowing” (as predicted by one of his most notable teachers, Albertus Magnus). We are thankful for Saint Thomas and the love of learning and knowledge he has instilled in our children.  Our oldest daughter, Hannah, will graduate from the University of Saint Thomas in four months and continue her education at Saint Thomas’ Law School. And our children are quick to ask for Saint Thomas’ intercession during homework times.

Today we will celebrate this special feast day with Mass, an Italian dinner (Saint Thomas was from Italy), and a joyful heart full of thanks for all God’s blessings.

celebrate saint thomas acquinas

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On the road of life, take time to rest and celebrate with the saints, those dear friends who will always be here for us.


Saint Thomas’ prayer that begins many of the classes at the University of Saint Thomas:

Grant, O Merciful God,

that I may ardently desire,

prudently examine,

truthfully acknowledge,

and perfectly accomplish

what is pleasing to Thee

for the praise and glory

of Thy name.



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