Weekend Wrap Up #10

If a wreath is left unattended, it will end up on Aiden’s head. No exceptions.

First week of 2013, what happened to you? The flu. That’s what happened. What started as a nasty cold a day or two before New Year’s Eve turned into Influenza B, and most of us (myself included, but Aiden and Sean were spared, thankfully) have been miserable since. Yes, we all got our flu shots, but those only immunize against a select few strains, and even then there’s the chance that you may get it. Hopefully, we’ll all be better in a few days.

So what have we been up to this past week? Well, besides lying in bed, eating chocolate and saltine crackers, and catching up on Downton Abbey (or maybe that’s just me?), we’ve spent a quiet week around the house. Clare and John went back to school on Thursday, and Tav and Mary will go back on Monday, when they’re feeling better.

Our New Year’s Eve was a happy one, since nobody had been hit by the full force of the flu yet. Dad organized a treasure hunt for Aiden, John, and Clare, complete with rhyming riddles. The final treasure was a new Lego set for them to share. This was the first time we’ve had a treasure hunt for New Year’s Eve, and I think it is a tradition we’ll be keeping around. I just have to share some of the clues: [Read more…]

Weekend Wrap Up #9

Happy Sunday! Can you believe Christmas Day came and went so quickly? Thank goodness for the 12 Days of Christmas; we’re still in the Christmas season until Epiphany on January 6th!

We put up our tree last Sunday. I can’t believe we made it that long! But just like we hoped, abstaining from Christmas things during Advent made it that much more special when we opened the candy cane and mistletoe flood gates of all things Christmas-y!

Breakfast at St. Clair Broiler

On Monday morning, we went out for breakfast at a favorite local spot, the St. Clair Broiler. It’s very close to our house, the service and food are always great, and the waitresses were all wearing Christmas sweaters. It definitely got us all in the Christmas spirit! Sean is still recovering from his jaw surgery (hence the swelling and bandages) but discovered he could eat pancakes if he cut them up into tiny bites and just swallowed them without chewing. Success! [Read more…]

The Gift Grab Dice Game

On Christmas Eve, Sean, Aiden, and I went over to Sean’s Aunt’s house. Besides the usual gift giving, all the cousins participate in the “gift grab dice game.” This is always everyone’s favorite part of the night, and a game we play for New Year’s Eve, wedding showers, and baby showers, too! We love it so much; I had to share it with you, dear readers!

Gift Grab Dice Game [Read more…]

Learning How to Celebrate Advent: The Post Game Review

Before Advent even began, we wrote about how we were learning what it meant to celebrate Advent. We had our pretty Advent calendar, stocked with 24 wonderful ideas that would help us celebrate Advent meaningfully. We planned on keeping things simple, but making it meaningful by explaining the history and reasoning behind some of our new traditions. We also planned on saving the Christmas stuff for Christmas. No Christmas music, no Christmas cookies, no Christmas movies, no Christmas tree during Advent, no Christmas decorations. We also wanted to keep this season ‘green’ by making sustainable choices with our food, presents, and other traditions. Finally, we wanted to begin celebrating the Little HolyDays throughout the liturgical year, and picked Advent as the time to start. For us, this included celebrating many different Feast Days that we never had before.

So how did we do?

I am extremely proud of our efforts, and I think we truly learned what it means to celebrate Advent meaningfully. Success! Now there’s just one problem… [Read more…]

Merry Christmas: Little HolyDays Link Up

Merry Christmas, everyone! We hope you’ve enjoyed all the wonderful link ups so far, because we certainly have! This week’s link up is being hosted by Haley of Carrots for Michaelmas, so head on over there to see last week’s posts that she’s featuring. [Read more…]

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Weekend, everyone! In the past when we’ve done a Weekend Wrap Up, it’s been more of a link post, but we want to try something a little different. Due to requests from our family that reads the blog, we’ve decided to include some more personal details and updates about what’s been going on in our family during the week. Not only will this benefit our extended family that lives far away, it will benefit you, our dear readers! We can’t wait to share a little more about our daily lives with you. [Read more…]

Loving the Little Things: Little HolyDays Link Up

Friday’s tragedy left me speechless. I cannot even begin to process my thoughts right now. All I know is that I feel such incredible sorrow, and such incredible hope, at the same time. How? The sorrow part is easy to explain. I know we’re all feeling that way for everyone that was affected by this. The hope part is still a little confusing, even to me. I know it was sparked by Haley’s article. Somehow, deep down, even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. There is always a reason to keep trying. There is always goodness. Twenty-eight people lost their lives, but it was not in vain. [Read more…]

Little HolyDays Link Up: Second Week of Advent

Second Week of Advent

Happy Second Week of Advent! Did you check out last week’s link ups? Click here to check out all the great posts from the First Week of Advent! For more info, you can also check out our new Little HolyDays page!

This week, the Link Up is being “hosted” by Molly of Molly Makes Do. Be sure to head over there to check out the great post Molly has written (A Call to Tremble Or What Scrooge Can Teach Us About “Keeping Christ in Christmas”). This link up will be open until Thursday night, so there’s plenty of time to share how you are celebrating this second week of Advent! [Read more…]

Morning Fail: Special Needs Parenting Slip Up

Morning Fail

Simpler Times… My baby is now a 3rd grader!

Special needs parenting is rife with slip ups.

I know better. I restrained myself for a good 7 minutes. Then I let loose.

Our 14 year-old daughter struggles with a panoply of mental health issues.  Sadly, she carries with her the baggage of the early abuse and neglect she suffered before she joined our family. Most days, her behaviors and actions remind us that she still has not healed from her past – and maybe never will.

This morning was no different. She awoke on the wrong side of the bed. Things were not going her way, and she wanted to blame everyone but the real culprit – herself. My husband and I listened to her complain and blame us while we nodded and sympathized. Such is the daily requirement of special needs parenting.

On the drive to school, the tirade continued. I bit my tongue, knowing no good would come from me pointing out how her logic had failed her – how the quandary she found herself in currently was squarely because of her own actions.

But the rudeness and disrespectfulness got the best of me. [Read more…]

Little HolyDays Link Up: First Week of Advent

Second Week of Advent

Happy First Week of Advent! Welcome to our very first Little HolyDays Link Up! We’re so glad you’re here, and we can’t wait to hear all about your different traditions and ways for celebrating the season!

This week, the Link Up is being “hosted” by Haley of Carrots for Michaelmas. Be sure to head over there to check out the great post Haley has written, or the cool links she has curated. This link up will be open until Thursday night, so there’s plenty of time to share how you are celebrating this first week of Advent! [Read more…]