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Happy Weekend, everyone! In the past when we’ve done a Weekend Wrap Up, it’s been more of a link post, but we want to try something a little different. Due to requests from our family that reads the blog, we’ve decided to include some more personal details and updates about what’s been going on in our family during the week. Not only will this benefit our extended family that lives far away, it will benefit you, our dear readers! We can’t wait to share a little more about our daily lives with you.

This week has been a busy one, but we’re glad it’s come to an end. Things are a lot quieter around the house now. The quiet before the Christmas storm, I guess! Sunday was a special day for Sean; he had his initiation mass for RCIA! He’s in the blue vest, and his sponsor is to the right with the beard. The photo on the left shows just how popular our priest is; the candidates waited for Father for a good fifteen minutes while he tried to wrap up the conversations with all the people that come up to him after mass.


This week was finals week for me, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t time for a little vintage and thrift store shopping on Monday! Aiden, mom, and I swung by one of our favorite vintage and thrift stores, and Aiden was such a dear while I searched for deals. He even found a little something for himself! We didn’t end up getting it, but he had fun carrying it around for a while.

hulk hand2

Tuesday and Wednesday were a bit of a sleepless blur, but all my finals went well. I couldn’t be happier! Thursday morning found Sean and I scrambling around, packing our bags, and rushing out the door. Sean had his jaw surgery at noon, and we had to be there 10:00 am for pre-op check-in, but packing ahead is not our forte. We arrived, and everything was going smoothly. The hospital staff was beyond accommodating and friendly. His doctor had told us there was ‘no pain’ associated with this surgery, so Sean was looking forward to staying overnight in the hospital, watching movies, and playing computer games. We had a good time joking about how much fun he was going to have during his mini “vacation.” I was staying with Sean the whole day, and both of us missed Aiden dearly. I was also a little worried because the Winter Holiday Party at preschool was the next day, and I hadn’t made him a costume (snowman or a snowflake) or treat bags for his classmates and teachers. Thankfully, my parents were on top of things, and sent us these two adorable photos; my dad had made his snowman costume, and my mom had made the treat bags. I am so blessed to have such wonderfully supportive parents!

Snowman Costume

The surgery took the expected two hours, but the wait afterwards! That was what really got me! The surgeon spoke to me around 1:50, and said everything had gone fine, and Sean was sleeping. He wasn’t taken down to his room until 3:30, and I wasn’t allowed to see him until 4:30! I was just a wreck by the time I got there. Seeing him with his head bandaged, wires and tubes connecting everywhere, didn’t really help either. I broke down sobbing, so glad to see he was OK. He slept through all of this. In fact, he pretty much hasn’t stopped sleeping since! He’s doing fine now, but his jaw is still extremely swollen. We’ll see how this works out for Christmas pictures!

I came home around 10pm on Thursday night, and promptly fell asleep. The next morning was a bit of a rush (again) as we tried to get Aiden into full snow gear for our walk to preschool; we only live a block and a half away, but for a curious 3 year old, this might as well be a three mile trek, since it takes about as long. Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of the finished snowman costume:

snowman costume

He had a great time at the Holiday party (frosting cookies! making ornaments! exchanging treat bags!) and was already asking when preschool started again (not until next year, I’m afraid 😉 ). Saturday was a bit of an easy day; we basically did nothing except sit around the house, drink hot chocolate and tea, and play scrabble. Aren’t winter breaks wondrous?

Sunday, we went sledding*. Well, Aiden, Clare, Mary, dad, and I went sledding, and Mary only went down once. She hit a bump, went flying off her sled, and didn’t go down again. In her defense, the hill was pretty icy. Aiden was so excited to go, but I don’t think he was prepared for the down time in between runs; those sleds don’t get back up to the top by themselves, ya’know!


After sledding, we came home and put up our Christmas tree! An entire, overly photo-heavy, post about this is on its way, don’t you worry 😉 Hope you all had a wonderful week, and are ready for all the upcoming holiday celebrations. Merry Christmas!


 How was your week? Busy or restful? Are you all ready for Christmas, or do you still have a few things on your to-do list? Have you ever had to make a snowman costume the night before a preschool party? What about sit in a waiting room for the better part of a day?

*We moved to Minnesota in the mid-90s, and were promptly informed that people do not go sledding in the winter, they go sliding. We still call it sledding anyways, because that just makes sense, people! Anywho, what do you call the activity in which you sit on a sled and slide down a hill of snow?

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